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"Why are they both white?"
"That’s what my friend Keisha asked about you and Daddy.

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"You took these by yourselves?"

"I was just having my picture taken. Only after did I found out Tom was fooling around with it a bit"

"Yes. Fooling around…with my husband."

"What? Are you actually jealous?"

"What am I to think? Tom never does this with me!"

"He does everything with you."

"Not these!"

"You’re too tightly wound. You take too long thinking about things. How long were you engaged again?"

"That’s different!"

"Here you can have the camera. Take a picture he likes then show it to him."

"A picture he likes…"

Sybil raised her eyebrow.

A naughty thought just formed.

Haha this is cute



Day 22 - Different

He’s different. He’s less careful, more playful. He smiles more. He kisses her more, he touches her more. He’s more talkative, he has developed the habit of tickling her whenever she’s at home, distracted by some other task. His hands feel warmer against hers when they walk…

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This was probably his last chance to start over; somewhere where no one knew him or his past. He just wanted to keep his head down; he would be pleasant of course, but he would keep to himself.

Then he saw her standing there and the closed off pieces of his heart opened of their own volition.