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Today had been the day from hell at work and it’s not even 11am.

To quote one of my favorite movies “if it looks like I’m walking funny is because I have nine reporters up my ass.” Lots give me strength and a strong drink at the end of the day.


April 24, 2014 - Rob James-Collier filming scenes for the upcoming fifth season in Bampton Village, Oxfordshire.






it’s like EVERYBODY was in Bampton but Joanne and Brendan

Banna are busy in their cottage making baby Bates. 

Or they’re inside the hospital with their newborn baby.

! ! ! ! ! ! !
Please let this be true.

as long as they are both alive and happy..so am I !!

^^I have to agree with lilbitnittany on this one.  I find if I don’t set my expectations to high, I am never disappointed.  So I’ll just settle for them being alive and happy at the moment.

Downton’s stars get back into village life


Some more behind the scenes from yesterday’s filming in Bampton (Hugh and Jim)


the dead female characters society ▲ sybil crawley

"we’re not going backwards, you must promise me that."


the dead female characters society  sybil crawley

"we’re not going backwards, you must promise me that."